Everyone has a desire to succeed. Whether you are reinventing, refocusing, or putting your life back on track, research finds that having a coach increases your probability of success by 77% improvement in relationships and 48% in quality of life.  Not bad if you are at 0%. 


Firmly believing that what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you by helping people restore broken relationships and igniting their dreams.

I am a strategy coach, licensed counselor, CEO, #1 Best Selling Amazon Author, radio commentator, speaker, and wife of a vet.  I help clients like yourself develop their passions, restore deteriorating dreams, and make life work. Brainstorming, strategizing, and igniting your ideas are my area of expertise.  If you have the problem, I Can give you solutions!



Relationship       Coaching
Skill groups, couples mediation, and support to divorce proof marriages.
Strategy Consulting
Detailed blueprint for actualizing your dream.
Personal Mentoring
For advanced individuals needing professional guidance
Speaker requests
Clinical Licensure
Group supervision for Licensed Professionals
Books, webinars, and more...
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Michelle Chudy, President & CEO, Michelle Chudy Enterprises, LLC, Certified Coach, #1 Bestselling Author & International Business Trainer  

Shannon Battle is not only an expert in her field, she is a coaching dynamo! Her unique blend of candor, insight, education and real-life experience brings relevant solutions that work. Shannon is one of the most innovative and savvy coaches I’ve met who continues to press to higher levels, so she can give more to her clients. She is the best of the best! 

Lillie S. Cannon, PhD, AFC • Associate Vice President 
Columbia Southern University • Business Development 

Shannon Battle provided superb coaching and mentoring for our first large scale “Women Making A Difference” Conference.  Her guidance, professionalism, and knowledge was paramount in making this endeavor the success it was. Shannon is not only skilled in helping business owners achieve their stated goals, she also brings a unique sense of partnership with her clients.  Shannon’s insight enabled our planning committee to move from concept to execution flawlessly. She also attended the conference to provide real time and on the spot feedback.  We could not have achieved the success we did without Shannon’s intuition to identify and quickly resolve issues.  All committee members noted her dedication and expertise.


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