I add dimensional views to your vision by brainstorming ideas that provide fluid motion for your passions.  Through my almost 20 years of being a CEO of a multimillion dollar company, wife of an Army vet, mother of 5, #1 Best-Selling Amazon author, Licensed General Contractor, radio commentary, and tv host...I have endeavored to give women unlimited access to my expertise so their dreams fulfilled and they can make money.  I pride myself in being a result driven mentor and coach.

Shannon's Story

I am your Strategy Coach engaged in helping people maximize their potential and find their path to success. My message has always been simple "I CAN".  My personal struggles of family brokenness have paved my way for my vision of providing families necessary tools to mend their wounds and live life in full prosperity. Brokenness led to my academic success as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Addictions Specialist.  I am a woman of multidimensional vision, necessary purpose, honorable integrity, and unwavering faith.

I stand alongside my husband, Kelsey, of over 22 years of marriage with our 5 children to prove that marriage works and relationships thrive. Despite difficulties and past hurts, your future can be much greater than your past. I embrace the tag “ICANLADY” as a reminder of my ability to be able to Achieve Now because of the grace of God on my life. I have experienced personal brokenness within my family as a young child, but I have never had the mindset of quitting. As a teenager, family disfunction became my companion. I found unhealthy ways to cope with the impact of the family disease of addiction by engaging in risky behaviors that were at times life threatening.  I knew my focus was a central element of my escape. I refused to be a victim of my circumstances although many of my behaviors were contrary to my belief. I punished myself in many ways because I was devastated and torn....but God. God saw fit to shelter me in the midst of my mess and my own self-destruction. Because of God’s protection I am here to tell all who will listen “I CAN (I Can Achieve Now)".

I have taken my struggles and adopted the philosophy of I CAN, which I use to work closely with my husband’s clothing line and endeavor to help individuals and their families live successful lives. I believe and encourage others to see past the flaws and find their great. I challenge every person to believe “I CAN”. The message of ICAN has now evolved into my own mental health agency (Family Services of America) that restores families through providing safe homes for children in foster care and ICAN has pushed me as an entrepreneur and allowed me to take manageable risk to grow into every area God has opened for my life. I have owned several smaller businesses and I have now taken my platform across the globe through radio, publications, and television. I am a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author.  I have been published in magazines and online sites as a family and life skills expert published in the Wall Street Journal, Reader's Digest, Essence, Ebony, Focus on the Family (Canada), US News and World Report, and many others. I am a former television host of the Triangle Alive on TCT (Total Christian Television) and radio contributor on WCCG1045.  I have shattered another glass ceiling by becoming a licensed general contractor in a male dominated field.  I have also worked as a psychoeducational consultant and speaker for the Wounded Warriors Project, schools, Chamber of Commerce, and other agencies. I choose to enjoy this moment.  I have recognized there is no place you will ever go that you will not take yourself and some aspect of your family. If you find difficulty believing in hope when there is tragedy...remember I CAN.  

Shannon “ICANLADY” Battle

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