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I am a resource for consultation with those who are stumped by a particular problem or hindered by a particular obstacle or barrier. By naturally seeing a way when others are convinced there is no way, I lead you to success.  If you don't know where you are, you are not going to know where you are going.  I have structured packages that meet you where you are, while guiding you towards the direction you want to go.  I encourage you to sign up for a strategy session before signing up for a package.  


Perhaps the one of the greatest regrets in life is not having the right people on your team to push you further into your dream.  Teams win championships and battalions win wars.  There are places that you need to go that will require a coach and a team of support.  Is your marriage struggling?  Connect with strong married couples.  Lonely at the top?  Connect with supporting people who push you past your limits.  Groups are ideal for individuals that need added motivation by peer interaction.  Join our marriage group which is ideal for individuals that have issues that can be resolved with clinical guidance and support.  This approach significantly improves the chances of couples learning to resolve conflicts and problems with a practical approach that gets immediate results.  The investment for the group is 2 for the price of 1.  You get weekly live coaching calls with Marriage Mediator, Shannon Battle, LPC and other clinical individuals.  You have access to free Q&A's and more.

Do you have a passion or desire and you are stuck on where to begin?  Whether you want to make an idea come to life to begin a new venture, business, or manage a life transition, you will need help from someone that sees your perspective and helps you to prepare to succeed while overcoming obstacles.  Get a 1on1 session which includes a strategy development plan and individual follow accountability to measure your progress towards your goals.

Designed for Level 2 Clients that know "How To"  but are unclear which way.  Plans are strategically mapped out to assist you with maintaining your area of focus.  Whether you need life skills coaching, crisis resolution, or plan modifications then this would be your ideal start.  Are you in a good place but need some guidance and support on how to improve your situations?  Service is provided for up to 90 minutes per month.  

You've started a business but are getting ready to close your doors.  The problem may not be your vision but your plan.  Before you bankrupt on your dreams, invest in a business coach to get methods to increase your revenues, profitability, and customer flow.

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